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Stories versus Themes versus Epics

03/13/2014 by Jeremy Jarrell

Navigating the Waters

The Fear of Agile Transformation

03/13/2014 by Steven Crago

Acceptance Criteria-Driven Development

03/12/2014 by Prakash Mallappa Pujar

Coding Against the Acceptance Criteria of a Story

Requirements -- a Hard Nut to Crack?

03/12/2014 by Usha Ramaswamy

Success Story: PRINCE2 + Scrum Delivers ONTRAK on Time

03/11/2014 by Raju K

How to Use Scrum with PRINCE2 Project Management

Romper las reglas . . . siempre una tentación

03/11/2014 by Anibal Guzmán Miranda

Las metodologías o frameworks ágiles tienen un grave peligro

Mapping of the Project Manager Role to the ScrumMaster Role

03/10/2014 by Sriramasundararajan Rajagopalan

Agile Pilot Project Selection

03/07/2014 by Hemant Gokhale,Ritesh Gupta

What’s in a Name?

03/06/2014 by Karim Harbott

Could the Language We Use be Holding Us Back?