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Agile Transformation Means Personal Transformation

1 August 2014

Tamma Rajkumar Manda
Wells Fargo

The Agile transformation happens personally.

This is the truth. The real success of Agile is, as we say, a mind-set change. This won't happen just by imposing rules and regulations until the people working on the team feel the essence of it. How to transmit this essence and bring the best of Agile out in others is my discussion point.

I would like to bring up a new idea here called the "Social Quotient." It's as simple as jelling with the team and getting things done. To the extent that the team requires, make the ceremonies/meetings more interesting and enjoyable without losing their intent. This way the team automatically becomes excited by the new method.

Another important aspect I would like to bring up is the "Respect Quotient," which encourages tremendous change and makes the team feel good about the new way of working. Value the team members' thoughts and they will become meaningful actions. Encourage flexibility (and, of course, continue to ensure that the project is on track through continuous monitoring and analysis).

Overall, the two points to be focused are the Social Quotient and the Respect Quotient. These will result in each team member's personal transformation and make the Agile transformation a success.

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