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Introspect the Retrospectives

12/02/2013 by Mohit Jain

Team Reflection

11/29/2013 by Bob Jiang

The Agile Philosophy

11/28/2013 by Thiago Avelino da Silva

The End of Myopia in Software Quality

Distributed Teams: Managing Dependencies


My Learnings from a Distributed Scrum Project

Fun Within Scrum

11/26/2013 by Audrey Hudson

We Lost to Agile

11/26/2013 by Rohit Ratan Mani

Distributed Knowledge Leadership Based on UKD, Ba, and SECI

11/25/2013 by Glen Wang

I'm on the Spot to Practice Kung-Fu

Are We There Yet?

11/25/2013 by Sourabh Goel

Creating Visibility by Leveraging Dashboards

Are You a Bob Ross or a Rembrandt?

11/22/2013 by Emile Bakker

Thou Shalt Use Pure Scrum

11/21/2013 by Arijit Sarbagna

Are We Too Much Driven by "Purity"? Does It Always Work?