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Agile X Factors

12/11/2013 by Dele Oluwole

What Do I Do if the Big Boss Doesn't Like Scrum?

12/10/2013 by Grégory FONTAINE

Reorganizing for Agility I

12/10/2013 by Anurag Prakash

For Matrixed Organizations

Presenting Scrum with Passion

12/06/2013 by Rick Regueira

Agile Parenting: Bridging Work and Life

12/05/2013 by Glen Wang

Large Projects and Agile Techniques

12/05/2013 by Ravi Srivastava

Scrum for Large Projects

Wet Scrum

12/04/2013 by Gurpreet Singh

Pareto Your Backlog

12/03/2013 by Catherine Louis