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The Enlightened Scrum Team

09/17/2013 by Ross Curtin

The idea behind a Scrum team is that is it self-organizing, self-managed, and self-improving. Why does this work so well? It might be that successful Scrum teams are following the very practices that the best, most enlightened leaders follow. Bill George, author of True North, has set forth some key leadership principles and practices. Bill asserts that there is " . . . a profound need for any leader to have a circle of friends and advisors who provide unvarnished, compassionate, and honest feedback about life, business, and the choices both involve."

These are the same principles upon which a Scrum team is built. A circle of team members who are open and transparent, who work with mutual respect for each other and who can suggest any solution and collaborate on realizing the best possible results. There is a balance between commitments and activity versus value and productivity. 
A team could imagine what they would say to a new team member or to a newly forming Agile team if they were provided the opportunity to share their hard-earned wisdom. The team should reflect on what would be the most meaningful and impactful message. Make it more personal by contemplating what you would continue to do or change about yourself (team or team member) based on this insight. Determine what really matters. Remember that the Agile Manifesto begins with, "We are uncovering better ways of [doing things] by doing it and helping others do it." Challenge yourself and your team to incorporate your own advice in the actions and practices going forward.