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Productive Scrum Teams

Be Like a Rafting Team

25 September 2013

Bikash Sahu
Kaplan India Pvt. Ltd.

We have been using Scrum for about two years and have mostly good experiences -- apart from few bitter ones, when user stories were pouring in between sprints.

Scrum is like a rafting team; if anybody gets tired, then we may lose control of raft. Every team member matters and is equally important in the Scrum team, so we have to balance the workload if we find that, for example, the Dev/QA folks are overworked. Other team members can do whatever they can to help. The good part is that this actually happens in Scrum teams; volunteers come forward in daily meetings and take on some tasks.

The worst thing about Scrum is that it is more prone to new stories being introduced between sprints, which hampers producing quality output.
My suggestion to fellow Scrum soldiers: The best method for Dev/QA is to do some hands-on analysis before the stand-up. If necessary, have a chat with stakeholders for a couple of minutes; this way you can use the stand-up call only for quality blockers, and everyone will have time to tell their stories within the 15-minute time frame.

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Glen Wang, CSM, 9/25/2013 2:46:38 AM
Trust and sustainable pace are important in such a rafting Scrum team.
Amol Patki, CSM, 9/26/2013 2:22:49 AM
Thanks for the read Bikash. I agree that team has a capacity which will be discovered after initial few sprints, work can be taken up accordingly even considering potential of addition / modification of stories.
Bikash Sahu, CSM, 10/1/2013 3:01:36 AM
Right, we can get optimum output after initial few sprints in long run, expecting attrition rate is lower or frequent scrum member changes.

Although scrum itself is a motivating factor which make scrum member motivated to burn challenges on day to day basis,We could also introduce rewards to all scrum member by Product owner once it completes a milestone.

Sustainable pace can also be achieved with periodic motivations in team, As per Wang Sustainable pace is also important factor.
Bikash Sahu, CSM, 4/18/2017 8:56:19 AM
I would like to add an automation expert to the team(say rowing guide-expert to the rafting team) to siphon off major chunk of iterative load like regress part to make life little easier for Dev,QA, other members in a productive scrum team to concentrate on master stocks like only key areas they need to work upon relevant only to the current release stories rather than lost for ever in regression (other team members concentrate more on specific rowing tactics relevant only to the current rapid type in rafting)

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