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Success Story: ERP Implementation for Expansion to China

3 October 2013

Armin Hoffmann

Media Markt, Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer, entered China in 2010 by opening its second-largest store worldwide. Here's how Media Markt China created a novel ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite within 12 months, thanks to a collaborative, distributed team leveraging Scrum. Several packaged standard applications were implemented with 5 multinational Scrum teams. This ERP implementation made possible the new stores in Asia and prepared for aggressive growth in the Chinese market.

Learn more about the project here:

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Ganesh B S, CSM,CSPO, 4/2/2017 8:12:21 AM
It was very good, compelling and inspiring read about the Media Markt and how it grew in China using Scrum and Agile Framework.

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