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Part-Time Team Development

07/11/2013 by Chia Yuen Kwan

We initiated a project with a team of five developers working on a part-time basis. They all had at least three years of development working experience. The development activities were planned for every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and our daily Scrum meeting was typically conducted at 6.30 p.m.
This part-time team faced a big challenge: Some of them were occasionally not able to work on certain days due to other commitments. It was not possible to ask them to put their regular jobs aside, so we let the team reorganize itself and plan for Scrum activity days that were most suitable to them. The team members proposed to the ScrumMaster a rescheduling of some of the development days to weekends. On the occasion that some team members were absent, they would make up the development day by reporting to the development room on another day. Fortunately, the team members were highly supportive of each other, and the two active members -- who are always present -- were able to provide advice and moral support to those who were absent.
Ultimately, essential features required by the users were delivered after a few sprints, and the entire project lasted five months. The beauty of Scrum is that the process promotes team collaboration and allows the team to organize itself to achieve optimal productivity.