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Blogging in Barcelona!

3 October 2012

Elinor Slomba
E. Slomba Arts Interstices

Couldn't make it to Scrum Gathering Barcelona 2012? Read about what CSM Elinor Buxton Slomba had to say about attending our sold-out event.


Today and tomorrow I live and breathe the world of Scrum, a framework for getting valuable things done in a creative workplace.  The Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona is hosting a worldwide gathering of the Scrum Alliance, 330 people from over 25 countries dedicated to sharing tools, information and examples of success using the management framework.

Scrum is most often applied to software development projects, but can be used to manage any type of team-based project.  As a storycraft consultant, I use Scrum with most of my clients to manage deliverables.  Compared to the options for managing workflow in other ways, I find consistent validation within Scrum that we are creating high business value quickly.  This makes me want to use  it as much as possible.  Here’s why, more specifically...

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We have heard it said many times…if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  But what might a focus on solutions look like and feel like?  How can you change your mindset to be more solutions-focused?  I learned a few tips from these coaches this morning at the Scrum Gathering in Barcelona:

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Change equals loss for many people.  Accordingly, a period of adjustment is required and can be aided with communicative leadership.  This was one of the messages delivered in “Not Your Mother’s Agile Transformation,” a Wednesday morning session at the recent Scrum Gathering co-presented by Katrina Bales & Keely Killpack.   It is no longer reasonable to expect change simply “because I said so.”

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In his book On Dialogue, physicist and theorist David Bohm famously describes thought as not an individual act but a collective stream of meaning that is shared within a culture.  He suggests we strive for “proprioception” in our thought processes, which he defines as...

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