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Scrum Bangalore

19 January 2011

Rahul Sah

The Scrum Bangalore User group is the largest Agile Meetup group in India. Agile practitioners, experts, and enthusiasts are all able to meet and talk about their Scrum and Agile experiences. Scrum Bangalore is an initiative by a leading Agile Software Development and Agile Training and Coaching company - iSense Prowareness, and is run by their General Manager, Rahul Sah, a Certified Scrum Practitioner. Rahul has been involved in setting up the Prowareness business unit in India for the last five years. Prowarness provides services in the form of Distributed Agile Software Development, and provides training and consulting services to Dutch and Indian companies that are trying to implement Agile in a complex distributed environment. Prowareness provides agile trainings both certified (CSM, CSPO) and Non-Certified (XP trainings), and has a strong pool of expert Agile Coaches and Scrum Experts to offer the Indian and Dutch market.

Bangalore is the largest IT city in Asia. It houses more than 40% of the IT population of India, and is the country’s biggest software exporter. The lack of a strong Scrum community was the driving force behind setting up the Scrum Bangalore User Group; it was needed to serve the world’s largest number of software professionals. The Scrum Bangalore group has quarterly meetings where professionals from various international software companies share their knowledge and concerns with agile software development. In order to aid the meetings, Scrum Bangalore invites International Agile Experts to these meetups so that software professionals can interact and learn from them. In the past, we have invited Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers Pete Deemer and Jesse Fewell to share knowledge and their thoughts on practicing Scrum on Distributed teams. We also have had guest speakers who are Senior Agile Coaches such as Henk Jan Huizer (Prowareness, Netherlands) and Vibhu Srinivasan (Solutions IQ) who have come and presented their experiences in working with Indian teams in developing hyper-productive distributed agile teams.

Currently, Scrum Bangalore is the fastest growing Scrum Community in Bangalore. In less than 9 months of existence, the group has gained 268 agile members. The objective of the group is to reach the larger software development community in Bangalore, and to spread awareness of Scrum and Agile in those segments while aiding learning and adoption. Of all the software developed in the city, 90% is still based on traditional development models; so the Scrum Bangalore meetups play a very important role in helping software professionals meet and learn how to develop great software with agility. A large number of software development houses in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe have shifted to Agile Software development practices; and since most of these companies offshore some or most of the development work to India, there is an increased pressure on the traditional offshore software development companies to go agile and adopt these practices. Scrum Bangalore's take on spreading awareness of agile is to emphasize the advantages agile brings to businesses by showcasing real case studies of projects done using agile. Scrum Bangalore has had 3 successful meetups so far, and is planning its next meetup in February, which will present new speakers and concepts. Attendance at these meetups is free of charge.

Scrum Bangalore has started well but there is much more to achieve in spreading awareness and getting business in Bangalore and other parts of India to become more agile and competitive.


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