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Getting Dirty with Scrum

10/29/2010 by Pat Guariglia

Why Your Boss's Boss Should Also Go Agile

10/29/2010 by Christine Crandell

Negotiating Scrum Through a Waterfall

10/20/2010 by Phil Southward

How One CSP Navigates the Difficult Waters of Implementing Scrum

Scrum in Palestine

10/18/2010 by Huthaifa Afanah,James Coplien

Check out the First CSM Course Held in Palestine

Have an Initial Conversation to Start an Agile Project

10/01/2010 by Prashant Patel,Rahul Sawhney

A CSP and CSM share how teams at Baker Hughes choose the solution delivery methodology that best suits the project.

The Scrum Team: A Puzzle of People

10/01/2010 by Knut Kvarme

How one CSP builds teams by inspecting and adapting