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Orlando Scrum Gathering 2010: A Diary

03/23/2010 by Bachan Anand

First of all I want to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers, presenters, and participants at Scrum Gathering 2010. The event would not have been the same without anyone one of you.

I really enjoyed being there with both seasoned practitioners and also teams and individuals who are fairly new to Scrum.

During my attendance, I noticed some common themes that I wanted to share with the community.

How do we measure agile practices at the enterprise level?

There were several sessions that talked about how to produce agile metrics at the enterprise level, especially when we scale agile beyond multiple teams. Discussions ranged from a need to build metrics that can meet the managers’ needs to whether we need these metrics at all since managers should work closely enough with the team that they don’t need to rely on metrics.  I personally believe that we need to better measure agile success and that some scalable metrics can help. I found this article by Jeff  Sutherland to be very useful.

Spreading Scrum beyond teams to Architects, Sr. Managers, CIO, PMI, etc.

There were quite a few discussions in the deep dives and open space about Scrum beyond teams, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters. These were the major discussion points:

  • How do we guide managers to step into leadership roles and be part of a successful agile adoption?
  • There are challenges in getting lot of managers engaged as agile does not clearly define any roles for managers. Either people go in with a leap of faith or they resist and come along when things fall in place.
  • How do we change the perception held by certain managers that Scrum/agile does not clearly define any roles.
  • We need to get better at engaging managers in the early stages of agile adoption and articulating their roles.
  • There was also discussion around how to effectively engage architects in sprints. The general consensus was for architects to get engaged and be the hands-on technical leaders who work with the team to bring about the best technical solution and also keep the bigger technical vision in perspective.  

Concepts which could be used in any organization, agile or not.

Open Space. I find this as a great way to solve problems in bigger teams. It is a great way to self organize and come up with solution to a challenge or opportunity using all the available skills. Most importantly, the people in the room choose what they want to discuss. You can follow the link to know more about Open Space.

Scrum Clinic. This is a very innovative way to share knowledge informally. Someone with a question submits a topic as a “patient.” Anyone who can provide an answer signs up as a “doctor” for that topic. I find this as a great way for people to self organize and promote knowledge of scrum / agile values. I can also see it being used to share knowledge in any area.

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I hope my diary and the posts from others are useful in your journey.


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