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Munich Gathering Recap

24 November 2009

Munich Gathering Recap

Over 275 Scrum enthusiasts gathered in Munich, Germany October 19 through 21 to discuss all things Scrum. It was a great three days of interactive learning with everything from keynotes, clinics, breakout sessions, dialogue room, guerilla open space sessions, to lively cocktail receptions, networking, eating, and drinking. Highlights from day one included an opening keynote session from an enthusiastic Jeff Sutherland about the performance gains he observed with the introduction of Scrum in enterprises. His presentation, “A Practical Roadmap to Great Scrum: A Systematic Guide to Hyperproductivity,” details the double, triple and even higher performance gains when teams move towards high performance ecosystems. This growth provides a great way for proponents to share the benefits of Scrum with senior management in their organizations.

A popular feature of the Gathering was the daily Scrum Clinic. CSTs and CSCs answered questions, addressed concerns, and discussed best practices with attendees in one-on-one sessions. The room was always filled with ongoing clinics/sessions and activity. Sharing space with The Scrum Clinic was the Dialogue Room, which was incredibly interactive and provided an outlet for Scrum creativity – games, poetry and even art!

Day two provided a “Gathering first” as the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors took the stage for an interactive discussion with attendees regarding Scrum and the Scrum Alliance. On day three, board member Harvey Wheaton of Supermassive Games presented an inspiring and cool presentation about “Growing Self Organizing Teams” using a “cool wall” as an excellent tool for a retrospective.

That’s why you don’t want to miss out on our Orlando Gathering! (Read more about it here)

If you have an idea for where the next great Scrum Gathering should be held, contact us.

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