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Agile Smells: Lack of Progress

10/15/2007 by Mark Randolph

Part One: Failings in Backlog Management

Scrum is Not the Point. Agile is!

10/09/2007 by Geir Amsjo

Predictability in Action

10/08/2007 by Aaron Sanders

Scrum is so easy! Why don't they get it?

09/24/2007 by Chris Spagnuolo

Why Fixed Bids Are Bad for Clients

09/24/2007 by Andy Brandt

What Scrum Can and Cannot Fix

09/05/2007 by Angela Druckman

Scrum Reading List

08/18/2007 by Rebecca Traeger

Books every Scrum team member should read

Be There or Be Square

08/15/2007 by John P. Puopolo

A Case for Collocated Teams

Going Nowhere Fast

08/13/2007 by Jim York

Scrum without a Product Owner

The Daily Meeting Trap

08/06/2007 by Alexandre Magno