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Scrum Reading List

Books every Scrum team member should read

18 August 2007

Rebecca Traeger
Scrum Alliance

While there are no formal prerequisites for a Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner course, students are expected to come to the class with a working knowledge of Scrum. This knowledge can be obtained by reading books, articles, and web info about Scrum. A recommended reading list is found below.

In addition to the articles you will find on this website, the following books will help you on your journey to Scrum.

Opinions represent those of the author and not of Scrum Alliance. The sharing of member-contributed content on this site does not imply endorsement of specific Scrum methods or practices beyond those taught by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers and Coaches.

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Nicholas Cancelliere, CSM, 8/20/2007 9:11:14 AM
This is a great list, I have over two-thirds of these titles myself. I can't think of one that you've missed except maybe Project Retrospectives: A handbook for team reviews, by Norman Kerth. Another good one is Fearless Change, by Mary Manns, PhD.
Andy Murthar, CSM, 8/21/2007 5:51:42 AM
the book list is invaluable and i have spent many hours thumbing my way backwards and forwards through a few of them. I am particularly interested in your point 'students are expected to come to the class with a working knowledge of Scrum' When i did my course i was the only one who had this, due to reading prior to course. I would recommend all scrum trainers advise all attendees to read prior to attending a course and take an active responsibility for this as a standard part of there course booking practice.
Srinivas Chillara, CSM,REP, 10/26/2007 3:55:51 AM
Yes, I think attendees to the CSM class must read something about Scrum. Even one book is OK,
Schwaber and Beedle or even a short introductory article on Scrum (for ex: The Scrum Primer )
Aditi Agarwal, CSM, 7/22/2016 12:45:06 PM
My book especially designed for beginners titled 'What is Scrum?' is also available for you to read.


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