Article submission guidelines

Scrum Alliance welcomes articles that will help inform others about Scrum. We are particularly interested in case studies, experience reports, and helpful tips.


Abstracts, summaries, and topic pitches prior to article submission are highly encouraged; however, we do accept complete, first-run articles that have not been published elsewhere. Please submit all articles directly to the editor for consideration. Each article will be reviewed for suitability. If selected for the site, the editorial staff will work with you to prepare it for publication. While edits can be grammatical in nature, they often include flow, structure, and content suggestions as well.


Articles may be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) or plain text. Graphics should be sent as separate, web-ready files (jpg, png, etc.). Length varies greatly depending on topic. Articles are generally no shorter than 650 words and no longer than 2,000 words. Longer articles may be broken up into a series of shorter posts.


All copyrights remain with the author, though we do ask to be credited as the original publisher of the article if it is republished at a later date.


Submit plug-ins, presentations, and other resources to the editor for consideration. Sales pitches and advertisements are not resources and will be rejected.


Submit events to our community liaison for consideration. In most cases, we only post events that are related to local user groups or that we are sponsoring.