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Coaching and Mentoring

As a Scrum practitioner (CSM®, CSPO®, CSP®, or coach) you may want to get help to improve your individual capabilities, grow your skills, or solve a specific problem. Coaching and mentoring can help you with that. They are similar, yet different.


Coaching is available in a variety of flavors for a diverse set of purposes. Our certified coaches offer two common kinds of help to you as an individual:
      We help you with a specific challenge you face at work right now. A CEC or CTC will give you advice based on their experience, tailored to your individual, current situation.
      We facilitate your individual and professional growth. A CEC or CTC will establish a mid- or long-term relationship with you, increasing your impact and value as a Scrum professional.
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Mentoring is the art of transmitting knowledge to others so that they can achieve results:
  • At their job
  • On their own
Mentoring is a prerequisite of becoming a CTC or CEC.
Similar to coaching, mentoring will help you grow as a professional. Mentoring is broader, explicitly including knowledge transfer in the relationship.
Find out more about Mentoring here.
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