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Catherine Louis

Hello! I’m Catherine Louis, and I am honored to run for the open position on the Scrum Alliance board of directors!
My company’s mission reflects my personal passion to help organizations, including the Scrum Alliance should I be elected, to adapt, evolve, deliver and truly DELIGHT our customers.
What this means is
  • Delighting our customers becomes our new bottom line.
  • Creating high performing teams throughout the ranks by empowering, motivating, and engaging the whole organization.
  • Eliminating waste, by optimizing the flow of value from “idea” through to delivery and support, and
  • cultivating a fun and innovative culture by creating a safe place to experiment, learn and grow.
There are four areas where I feel we at Scrum Alliance can delight our customers further which, if elected, I will work with the other board members to pursue:
Leadership. Successful business transformation requires strong and transparent support of leaders and managers, as the leaders and managers are those that will enable or disable any transformation initiative. I would like to help the Scrum Alliance community in engaging and supporting senior leaders, executives and managers in their roles as Scrum advocates within their companies. I’d like to begin with a simple backlog of where we have issues supporting corporate leaders and managers, to grow talent among Scrum Alliance ranks in order to become skilled at topics such as creating a Servant Leadership culture, building corporate strategy, and perhaps aiding in portfolio management. By engaging at the leadership level in organizations, there is an opportunity not only for effective agile transformations, and also for a potentially untapped market for future services.
Research.  What will the Scrum Alliance be in the future? There is a tremendous opportunity to tap into, sponsor or fund research that would enrich the body of knowledge of Scrum and complementary engineering and business practices. We should not be content with the status quo. Beginning with a new research program, I would like to revisit the vision of the Scrum Alliance to identify new opportunities for the application of the Scrum framework in new areas across the whole societal and organisational spectrum.
Large scale applications of Scrum in complex product development. The challenges of implementing Scrum in environments as large solutions is an area that few trainers or coaches are willing or equipped to tackle, and our customers need help here. There are many opportunities to facilitate growing the body of knowledge and be a definitive resource targeted at organizations of all sorts looking to grow scrum practices in all kind of ways.

Transparency with feedback-driven cycles.  I would like to create more opportunities to hear from our customers, and use this feedback to improve the services that the we provide. This involves developing a network of customer-evangelists, with whom we can collaborate closely, to open doors for possible new products and services not yet envisioned.
My desire is to bring all of my experience and partnerships to bear to help Scrum Alliance continue to grow and bring the benefits of Scrum as we serve the well-being of our global community! To that end I fully support and wish to be a part of programs that encourage continually improving personal development and Agile maturity.
I am honored to to run for the open position on the Scrum Alliance board of directors!
Thank you for this opportunity!

More about Catherine:

Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum Trainer™,  founder of CLL-Group, an Agile Consulting company that delivers Agile training and coaching services worldwide, and co-founder of #PoDojo, a highly interactive learning incubator designed to power up skills in product discovery, design and development.
With over 20 years of experience in complex product development in both software & hardware, Catherine pushes the limits of scrum implementations outside of IT where Scrum exploits areas where work could further be improved. Catherine has previously led Agile transition efforts in top telecommunications firms and worked with North Carolina State University to conduct research on Agile Test-Driven development. She has conducted research and training on “building security” into your product, verifying that security protection mechanisms are in place and working before it’s too late.
Catherine regularly speaks at Agile20XX conferences, was a co-chair for the “Working With Customers” track Agile2011/2013, and leads the AgileRTP meetup group, one of the largest Agile meetup groups in the US.

Contact Information

Phone: (919) 244-1888
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