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How To Bomb An Interview


Funny and extreme, these real interview stories from recruiters and hiring managers highlight some ways to bomb your next interview.

Six Critical Questions Candidates Should Ask During an Interview


Sure, it's important to ask what to expect during the interview process, but what about why you may be a good fit? These six questions will help you narrow in on whether your job search tactics are lining up good potential employers for you.

Agile for Recruiters Part 4


In Part 4 of the Agile for Recruiters video series, Gez introduces the idea of certifications in Agile. He explains which ones recruiters and/or hiring managers should be familiar with, what the different certifications mean, what they are, how they relate to each other, and the different levels of work, knowledge, and experience to get each one.

Agile for Recruiters Part 3


During Part 3 of the Agile for Recruiters video series, Gez talks about the breadth of certifications that exist, from two day courses through years of experience. He also covers transferable certifications - ICF coaching, MBAs, in addition to psychology and counselling degrees and courses. Gez explains which certifications to look for and why, when recruiting for positions like Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.

Agile for Recruiters Part 2


Do recruiters fully understand the terms like Agile, Scrum, or Certified Scrum Professional? Is there a knowledge gap when it comes to recruiting Agile professionals? In Agile for Recruiters, Part 2 Gez explains his analysis of research collected from both Agile job seekers and recruiters to gain perspective on the Agile recruiting experience and how to improve the process.

Agile for Recruiters, Part 1


Agile recruiting is much different from traditional recruiting. In part one of this five-part video series, Gez Smith introduces the idea of Agile recruiting and talks about the topics he'll discuss in upcoming videos.

Meaningful Careers and Growth (Agile HR – Q&A Series Part 4)


This post is part of the Q&A Series: Agile Leadership Webinar. In this part, Fabiola answers your questions on careers and development for Agile teams.

Interview Preparation – A Little Planning Goes a Long Way


Congratulations! Finally, one of the dozens of applications you’ve submitted has produced an interview. Now is not the time to sit back and try to wing it during the interview. When you finally get an interview, don’t rest on your laurels! Now, the hard work begins. You have to prepare.

Are Certifications Really Necessary?


As a career-oriented professional, chances are you either have a certification or have thought about obtaining a certification at some point in your career. It is even likely that you have obtained a foundational Scrum certification as an Agile practitioner. There still remains one question: Are certifications really necessary to succeed? 

Rethinking Reward and Recognition (Agile HR – Q&A Series Part 3)


We recently hosted Agile HR expert Fabiola Eyholzer for our Agile Leadership Webinars. In response to the high interest, Eyholzer is answering an aggregation of the great questions we received from participants during the webinar. In Part 3, Eyholzer answers your questions about reward and recognition for Agile teams. 

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