[Select Repost] Scaling the Product Owner Role


In theory, the product owner is one person. But in practice, managing a larger, complex product is usually a shared effort. But how can product ownership be split without resulting in decisions by committee and creating a weak or even inconsistent product? In this post, Roman Pichler discusses different techniques to help you scale the product owner role successfully, and he explains when each technique should be applied.

[Select Repost] Splitting User Stories


Having trouble splitting user stories? This post , written by Faisal Ansari, gives a framework for knowing whether your user stories have the information and detail your team needs to develop a valuable product.

[Select Repost] Daily Scrum: To Follow the Rules...or Not


When transitioning to Scrum, teams often struggle with the question of whether or not to include product owners and other stakeholders to daily meetings. This post, written by Geoff Watts, discusses how to make that decision.

[Select Repost] How to Get Started with Story Points via Affinity Estimation (and Cheat Sheet)


It's often difficult for new Scrum teams to understand estimating as a relative measurement rather than a specific time designation. This post, written by Doc List, helps Scrum professionals approach this complex concept with simple exercises and tools.

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