Coming Soon: Scrum Alliance Website Improvements

To our valued community:

Over the past several months, the Scrum Alliance® team — in conjunction with the outstanding web development team at Blue Modus — has been laying a foundation for continued iterations and improvements to your web experience at With the coming upgrade to Kentico 10 (our content management system and web platform), you will see some exciting developments, including:

  • Sign-on: Single sign-on between our platforms to streamline our user flows
  • Homepage: An updated design to further support your mobile viewing, including streamlined presentation of Scrum Alliance offerings to quickly provide access to updated certification, events, membership, and career pages
  • User dashboard: An upgraded dashboard that offers a centralized and engaging way for you to interact with the Scrum Alliance community, find career opportunities, discover the latest local and global events, and much more
  • Global Gatherings: Enriched design for a more immersive experience, with an enhanced schedule page
  • Course search: Optimized for faster search results, with a cleaner layout for easier navigation
  • Course details: More course specifics and clearly defined course features to help you plan your certification path and get certified faster

These are just a few of the many changes coming soon. As always, our goal is to iteratively improve your user experience and satisfaction. Stay tuned for more about ongoing updates to

Scrum Alliance