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Comparative Agility is an agility assessment platform that focuses on improving agile ways of working by benchmarking team performance, facilitating meaningful conversations, and enabling coaches to take action where they can make the biggest impact. The Premium Subscription Plan is included for free with all Scrum Alliance Certifications, a $299 yearly value. Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMastersCertified Scrum Professional-Product Owners, and Certified Scrum Professional-Developers, and above receive the Business Subscription Plan, a $699 annual value.

Organizations collect anonymous data from team members reflecting norms, behaviors and practices in a variety of contexts, using statistically validated surveys created by domain experts.  

With the platform, you can identify how your team and programs are doing in a variety of areas, such as organizational agility, agile leadership, distributed agile teams, and more. You can also view progress over time, benchmark how you’re doing compared to peers in the industry, and identify meaningful improvement opportunities to take action.

The data provides leaders with the ability to
  • Benchmark how key areas of the organization are doing compared to the competition; drive strategic direction and know where to focus
  • Quickly identify how the organization, programs and teams are doing compared to a previous point in time
  • Make continuous improvement part of your organizational DNA by repeating the process every 3-6 months
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