Scrum Alliance Explores Formation of Learning Consortium

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12/18/2014 4:00:00 PM

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Denver, CO,—SCRUM ALLIANCE® announced today that it’s exploring the formation of a Learning Consortium. The Learning Consortium, comprised of up to 30 organizations and businesses around the world, will examine the management implications of the emerging Creative Economy.
The 2014 Drucker Forum statement challenged businesses to think differently. “We have arrived at a turning point. Either the world will embark on a route towards long-term growth and prosperity, or we will manage our way to economic decline.”
“In response to this challenge,” said SCRUM ALLIANCE® Board of Director member Steve Denning, “many organizations are already making a shift. They’re moving from the goal of maximizing shareholder value to a focus on adding value to those for whom the work is being done. They’re evolving from the practices of hierarchical bureaucracy to the collaborative leadership and management practices of the Creative Economy. And they’re expanding, from metrics limited to financial goals to metrics that reflect contributions to the prosperity of individuals, organizations, and society.”
“While there’s a broad consensus emerging on the direction of change, there’s less reliable information on how to make these shifts work and what the shifts actually look like,” said SCRUM ALLIANCE® Managing Director Carol McEwan. “The Learning Consortium is designed to shed light on important questions: What are the opportunities? What are the constraints? How much change is actually happening on the ground? What are the benefits, costs, and risks? The idea of a Learning Consortium is very exciting for us. We look forward to many interesting and engaging discussions in the coming weeks and months.”
SCRUM ALLIANCE® is leading the way in collaboration with several potential sponsors. They are inviting up to 30 organizations already implementing at least some of the leadership and management practices of the Creative Economy to join a collective of model organizations.
The members of the Consortium will select five organizations and arrange a one-day site visit to each. The host organization will present and discuss what it is doing and learning.
Each organization will be invited to send participants on the site visits. Once the visits are complete, SCRUM ALLIANCE® will organize a conference where the Learning Consortium will present and discuss what has been learned. The Learning Consortium will also produce a report of the findings of the visits and its review.
Organizations wishing to join the Consortium are invited to submit a short summary of their intent by February 28, 2015, via email to [email protected]. The email should include what the organization is doing or planning to do to implement the leadership and management practices of the Creative Economy. (In a large organization, the activities might relate to only a part of the organization.) 
“Past experience shows that when learning consortia are well managed, when there’s strong interest in learning, sharing experience, and getting recognition, and when there’s real experience to be tapped, they can be illuminating. SCRUM ALLIANCE® believes that all of those criteria can be met,” Denning said.
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