Scrum Alliance® Invests Half a Million Dollars to Support the Global Community in 2014

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

1/1/2015 11:00:00 PM

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Heather Leigh
Public Relations & Communications Director

Denver, CO,—SCRUM ALLIANCE® put more than $500,000 back into the global community by supporting more than 70 different events around the world in 2014.
“Our mission is to transform the world of work by guiding organizations to become prosperous and sustainable, to inspire people, and to create value for society. We believe in order to achieve our mission, we must build a community of Scrum practitioners eager to share their experiences and knowledge, to help each other learn from their experiences, and, in turn, implement successful Scrum and Agile principles resulting in improved business results,” said SCRUM ALLIANCE® Managing Director Carol McEwan.
SCRUM ALLIANCE® supports Global SCRUM GATHERING®, Regional SCRUM GATHERING®, and SCRUM USER GROUP® events as well as several other Agile-related events throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for practitioners worldwide to come together to share their passion and knowledge. Attendees hear presentations from experts in the field who inspire them with stories of success, current implementation practices, and creative applications of the Scrum framework and other Agile practices. Participants meet people from around the world who share their passion and drive for creating business value and delivering improved business results, and they return to their home teams energized and ready to advance to the next level.
In 2015, SCRUM ALLIANCE® will continue to identify opportunities to spread Scrum knowledge in support of its mission. It is presently exploring the formation of a Learning Consortium that will learn about the implications of innovative management practices, such as the goals, practices, and values of Scrum. For more details regarding the Learning Consortium, please visit
McEwan said, “Successful Scrum implementations truly can transform organizations; improve customer satisfaction, quality, and productivity; create happy, engaged employees; and improve business results. Imagine a future of happy, engaged employees being more productive and proud of the results they produce. I can’t think of anything better than that.”

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