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10/5/2016 12:00:00 AM

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DENVER — Scrum Alliance®, the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community, announced that its European Global Scrum Gathering® will kick off in Munich on October 16 with IBM as its top sponsor.

“IBM has embarked on an Agile journey that is reshaping the company in fundamental ways to fuel a culture of collaboration that focuses on their customers’ needs,” said Scrum Alliance CEO Manny Gonzalez.  “We are thrilled to have IBM as our title sponsor for this event in Munich, and think that their experiences in Agile will benefit the attendees who hear from them at the Global Gathering.”

"Within IBM, the Agile approach is fostering high staff engagement by replacing functional silos with cross-functional teams that emphasize communication and collaboration over documentation and meetings,” said Aidan de Gruchy, senior consultant and Agile expert for IBM Global Business Services. “Agile has become a frame of mind for how IBMers work and respond to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us in our client engagements. IBM’s global approach to agility promotes continuous innovation in order to be essential to our clients.”

More than 600 people from around the world are expected to attend the event in Munich.  The purpose of Global Gatherings is to offer business leaders, managers, corporations, and practitioners worldwide the opportunity to share their passion and knowledge of Agile and Scrum practices. Attendees will hear presentations from experts in the field who will inspire them with stories of success, current implementation best practices, and creative applications of Agile principles.

“Agile and Scrum are growing very fast in the world today and these Global Gatherings offer a way for leaders, organizations, and individuals to come together and learn and share with each other,” Gonzalez said.  “As part of our mission to transform the world of work, we began strategically partnering with corporations this year as a way to bring these two communities together in the future.

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In addition to showing its support of Agile and Scrum at the event this year as a title sponsor, IBM will also be on hand to give presentations and project demonstrations on Agile project development and its advantages. IBM believes it is in a unique position to deliver globally distributed Agile projects at scale, allowing the rapid creation of specialized client solutions that put clients at the heart of development. IBM brings its own experiences to Agile engagements. It is on its own Agile journey, understands the challenges, and how to overcome them.


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