Front Row Agile Partnership Launches to Strong Positive Response

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

5/13/2015 4:00:00 PM

Media Contact:

Heather Leigh
Public Relations & Communications Director
[email protected]

Denver, CO.—Scrum Alliance®, the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community, announces it has partnered with Front Row Agile to provide valuable online training to its more than 400,000 members worldwide. The online courses will be available to members at a 50 percent discount and will count toward members earning Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Members need SEUs to grow in the practice of Scrum and get to the next levels of certifications with Scrum Alliance.
“We have no doubt there is a strong and growing interest in Scrum throughout the world, and we believe offering our members online courses will greatly assist them in gaining education and training without the added cost of travel expenses and time away from work,” said Scrum Alliance CEO Manny Gonzalez. “This is the first time Scrum Alliance has offered online courses, and we are already seeing a strong positive response. We see this as the future of expanded education for our members as they renew their certifications and also grow into more advanced certifications through the years.”
The main purpose of the Front Row Agile partnership is to offer members a large number of online courses from some of the best trainers from around the world. There are currently more than 15 different courses offered on the site, with more added each month. The courses range in cost from $50 to $200 pre-discount and run from 1 to 8 hours. They offer Scrum Alliance members a way to advance their skills in an ever-changing and competitive Scrum market for employees. They help practitioners learn how to use Agile to work smarter, access savvy Agile thinkers, and gain knowledge and credit toward their next certifications.
“We are thrilled to partner with Scrum Alliance on this project and feel it will bring real value to the membership. Now, members will be able to get these important courses at their own convenience. We wanted to be sure the courses offered were affordable and excellent in rich content. We believe we have delivered on both those goals with this offering,” said Mike Cohn, president of Front Row Agile.

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