Our Team

We are a small non-profit with a big mission. Our cross-disciplinary Scrum teams are structured for service. Each team is focused on a specific user persona, ensuring that everyone in our diverse, global community can find their place in the larger story of the agile movement. Wherever you are on your agile journey, one of our teams is dedicated to creating content and features that meet your needs.

The Practitioner Team

The Practitioner team is focused on people with several years experience working in a Scrum role, many of whom hold CSM-A, CSPO-A or CSP certifications. They support this community by providing tools, content, and community resources to help them achieve the personal and professional growth and expert knowledge needed to transform their world of work .

Mike Berman

product owner

Mike’s goal is to be a darn fine Product Owner, climb as many mountains as possible, and throw in some wicked parkour action in between.

Your Name

Scrum Master

We are currently hiring a ScrumMaster to support the Practitioner team. If you are passionate about the work this team does, get in touch!

Dave Maurer

Software engineer

Dave is usually the first one to arrive in the morning after a full stack workout. He then geeks out on full stack development. And speaking of geeking out, two words: Star Wars.

Molly Lutz

Community Coordinator

You can’t help but smile when Molly’s in the room. She’s the go-to gal for helping User Groups and she does it well. Other things she does well include camping and dancing.

Mallory Albertson

Support Specialist

Mallory is a problem solver and a snappy dresser. Her stint at a local comedy club is likely the reason she handles our community’s questions with professionalism and humor.

Solly Poprish

education coordinator

When Solly’s not developing educational content and programs, she’s nurturing her creative side with music, yoga, museums, and being outdoors.

Sean Kerstiens

Software engineer

Sean is a team player that enjoys problem-solving and bringing our ideas to life. When he's not coding or analyzing statistics, you can find him watching team sports with his family.

Ian Carr

Marketing specialist

 Ian holds a degree in graphic design and enjoys finding ways to tell stories in new ways. He went bald by the age of 23 and has not had to buy a bottle of shampoo since.