Our Team

We are a small non-profit with a big mission. Our cross-disciplinary Scrum teams are structured for service. Each team is focused on a specific user persona, ensuring that everyone in our diverse, global community can find their place in the larger story of the agile movement. Wherever you are on your agile journey, one of our teams is dedicated to creating content and features that meet your needs.

The Gatherings Team

The Gatherings team creates opportunities for agilists around the globe to come together. They plan and execute two Global Scrum Gatherings each year; one in North America and one in Europe. They also coordinate with agile organizations for more localized Regional Scrum Gatherings. Every event is designed to spark curiosity so that attendees leave inspired and ready to bring transformative ideas to their own world of work.

Mike Knight

product owner

Mike is passionate about creating a successful and wholesome Gatherings team, almost as much as he’s passionate about anime and skateboarding.

Teddy Carroll

Scrum Master

Teddy has a ton of ScrumMastery tricks up his sleeve, but his superpower is knowing how to connect and help people find their own aha moments.

Alonna Stock

event coordinator

Alonna’s event planning prowess shines through experiential design and creative concepts. When she’s not traveling the globe, she’s snuggling with her pup.

John Moritz

event coordinator

When he’s not handling event registrations, hotel arrangements, and finding the best giveaways, John is planning his next visit to a Broadway show.

Leticia Duarte

event coordinator

Having someone like Leticia focused on event logistics is only logical. Her superpower is collaboration and brainstorming ways to make experiences exceed expectations.

Tanya Nascimento

education specialist

Tanya keeps us educated on learning, strategy, and global engagement. She continually wows us with her smarts and doodles. Fun fact: Her uncle was the president of Brazil.

Lauren Bronstein

graphic designer

Lauren is our graphic design extraordinaire. When she’s not focusing on the whole event brand experience, she's climbing mountains with her dogs.

Sandra Ruiz

event coordinator

Sandra is our go-to person for all things Regional Scrum Gatherings and volunteerism. She also has a smile that will melt away the worst of days.

Carol Miller

copy writer

When she's not partaking in a witty pun exchange, Carol writes marketing messages that gather our amazing community together.

Paul Ballew

software engineer

Paul crafts software with mad programming skills. Once in a while, we hear his other mad skills as he jams on his electric guitar.

Brandon Hogan

support specialist

Look up “Renaissance man” the dictionary and you’ll see Brandon’s name. He’s all about supporting the community, cars, poker, disc golf, and puns.

Nadia Kouri

Marketing Specialist

Talk to Nadia about SEO/SEM, social media, email marketing, the IKON pass vs the EPIC pass, baking and cooking tips, coffee, wine, and whiskey.