Meryem Khribech
Meryem Khribech, CSM®

Collaborative, results-driven services oriented, thought leader with a strong record of successfully selling and delivering positive business changing solutions.
 An accomplished leader with strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, expert in business development, analysis, design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance SaaS and enterprise software information technology innovation implementations.

13 years of IT Project Management experience with tools and techniques for planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling IT projects.

I hold a civil engineering degree, MBA in financial management and I am PMP and CSM. I continue to strive and learn more skills to apply in my day to day job to be successful and better serve my team.

I started my career as consultant working for fortune 500 companies, I was fortunate enough to have a job in very tough economy. I was very excited to explore the workplace and leverage my educational background to succeed in my role. When I started the job I felt like I entered a world that no school or level of education prepared me for, that world is called corporate America.

I was in charge of managing a small project, if you work as PM or CSM you know the project size doesn’t matter as it goes through the same lifecycle, and follow the same methodology.

I learned early on that working for large organization comes with a price; one of the biggest disadvantages of large corporation is dealing the bureaucracy and chain of command.
I had to be successful I don’t think failing was an option, I had to empower myself with the skillset that can make me marketable, efficient and valuable, after all I am fighter I became independent  since I was 16 yrs after I lost my dad.

I invested in myself by becoming PMI, CSM and leveraged all the knowledge that acquired and implemented them in my projects and set an example of how to run and manage programs/projects.

I learned how to estimate and build project roadmap taking into consideration all the aspects and factors, since the biggest cause of burnout of resources is poor project timeline/budget estimation.

I think my job just started since I deal and manage about 50 projects the room for growth and improvement is limitless and my current employer and team can definitely benefit a great deal from the Scrum values and frameworks.
If elected, I will do my best to serve the board and help the organization on expanding the outreach and educate clients on how to be adaptive in today’s economy and the competitive market.

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