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Sohrab Salimi


Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), ScrumAkademie by SE-Consulting GmbH

Sohrab Salimi knows that transforming the world of work is the mission – one he believes can be achieved together with Scrum Alliance, the global community and organizations building stronger connections. As a member of the Board of Directors, Sohrab wants to be the bridge between all three parties to make the world of work more inspiring, productive and sustainable.

Sohrab grew up dreaming of being a doctor to help people live better and more healthy lives. During his studies, Sohrab noticed that many diseases are caused by unbearable levels of stress in the workplace. Instead of pursuing the traditional way of working in a hospital, Sohrab decided to take a new path, diving into the world of business. His goal: Help organizations become truly great workplaces where people contribute their full potential without burning out.

Sohrab came to work for Bain & Company in Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, and Korea. He was involved in many projects and could see that many organizations were in need for a transformation: to create a workplace where people looked forward to coming; were proud of contributing their talents to do meaningful work; and making the world a better place.

After three years at Bain, Sohrab rejoined the company his parents had founded. While working on strategy, he discovered Scrum and the Agile movement, and knew immediately that this would properly transform the world of work. Sohrab implemented Scrum at his own company, then went on to help clients adopt its values, principles and practices.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) Sohrab has conducted classes for people passionate to learn about Scrum and Agile. Within the past two years, he has trained 1,000 students in CSM® and CSPO®.

Sohrab sees himself as a catalyst for thousands of enthusiastic and committed people all over the world who want to bring meaningful change to their organizations and communities. As a member of the Board of Directors, he wants give all members a voice in the organization. At the same time, Sohrab hopes to contribute with his unique skill set as a trained medical doctor, top management consultant and experienced entrepreneur, paired with his expertise in Scrum to move Scrum Alliance to the next level.

Next to contributing his experiences of working with over 100 companies and being a member of the broader European community, he thinks about ways to gather insights from others. He invites contribution to make Scrum Alliance a stronger professional organization with more benefits to all members, more visibility outside the software world, a stronger reach to leaders worldwide and more thought leadership within the Agile community.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once said, “Focus on the things that don’t change!” Sohrab believes this is true on many levels. First, it states that we should focus, which means we should not do too many things at once. Second, it emphasizes the importance of identifying the essentials about the organization’s business and how to constantly work on getting better at them. In terms of Scrum Alliance, Sohrab believes there are several opportunities:

  • Helping people and organizations understand the concepts of Scrum: This includes new training formats and a heavy investment in helping more people become educators.
  • Inspiring and enabling organizations to implement Scrum and succeed: This includes providing answers regarding scaling product development, but also what using Scrum beyond product development could look like.
  • Create the right environment for practitioners from all over the world to share: This includes rethinking the current approach to Gatherings and empowering local communities even further.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Sohrab plans to do his best to keep the CEO and the Scrum Alliance staff focused on the things that don’t change. There are amazing people working at Scrum Alliance doing meaningful work of training and coaching teams and organizations to become better workplaces. And there are amazing organizations that have the courage to challenge management dogma and experiment with new ways of working.

Sohrab says, “I believe there are opportunities to make stronger connections between all parties. As an elected member of the Board of Directors, I will be the bridge between Scrum Alliance, the community and the organizations, helping reconnect more frequently so that we can transform the world of work together.”

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