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Andreas Schliep


Executive Partner, DasScrumTeam AG

Andreas_SchliepAndreas Schliep has been a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach since 2010, a Certified Scrum Trainer® since 2008, and a Scrum Alliance® member since 2004. As a European CEC/CST, Schliep been engaged in the growth and development of the Scrum community, and the extension and enhancement of its education programs.

Andreas became first involved into — then committed to — Scrum in 2004. He has worked as ScrumMaster and Coach for various companies in Germany, Austria, Brazil, and Poland. His special interests are extended education for Scrum professionals, retrospective facilitation, and Agile-quality management practices.

As a developer, team, and technical project leader, Andreas has implemented videoconferencing applications, web portals, and communication servers. Other contributions include:

  • The introduction of a third training day for Scrum Alliance® introductory trainings at his company, providing a sound link between teaching Scrum theory and exposing participants to further education, coaching, and community work.
  • Ongoing support for new trainers and coaches, including the introduction of a training day format for CST® candidates that’s close to their Trainer Approval Committee sessions, co-trainings and mentoring for trainers and coaches, and most recently, a small CEC candidate mentoring group.
  • The co-development of the new Path to CSP® program for ScrumMasters and Product Owners, building upon the basic certifications, and leading toward the readiness for CSP. 
  • Co-authoring of a set of principles for scaled Lean and Agile development, to help corporations distinguish between dead blueprints and sound growth paths.
  • Co-founding the first regional chapter of the Scrum Alliance, the German speaking country focused Scrum Alliance D.A.CH. 

Andreas sees himself as an initiator, facilitator, and integrator of group learning processes. He has shared provocative and pragmatic opinions at several Scrum Gatherings and CST/CEC retreats. Schliep sees Scrum Alliance as having the opportunity to better benefit from its potential of voluntary contributors, within, and outside of the US. He wants to help the organization prepare people for new ways of working. 

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