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Hava Kurt


Hi! My name is Hava Kurt, and I feel honored to run for a position on the Scrum Alliance® Board of Directors.

Digitalization requires the comprehensive transformation of existing business models, driven by continuously improvement in the value chain. This concerns non-profit organizations, profit organizations as well as every individual in the facing digital world.

Therefore my point of view will be Scrum in the Digital Future and Internet of Things. This is to bring in creativity and solution ideas. But first to ask for questions as, how can we provide and extend the Scrum ability and agility at all or in the value chain? Do we have to adapt Scrum or other current valid programms and how? Do we have to adapt the focus of the target area and groups? The members of Scrum Alliance are all individuals and each of us is part of the change we are facing to. And therefore it is a need to face with questions and new ideas and maybe new ways. While asking, I will have always in mind the five Scrum values (Respect, Focus, Commitment, Openness, and Courage), which represent the way of the future. I would love to serve for you as a board member, and I think that my intentions will contribute a diverse view including value.

A quick introduction:

I have studied Business Administration, extended with a M.B.A. This and my previous educations I did accompanying to my full-time job. I’ve work experience since 27 years in various functions and roles. E.g. I've been, a project manager for more than ten years for a number of business-related topics and have gained experience also more than ten years in various sales, logistics, IT, and marketing related functions. Professional currently I am employed as a project manager based in Germany with IT-focused topics. In addition to my professional life I always enjoyed to be a volunteer, e.g. at PMI (Project Management Institute). Formerly I was appointed as vice president marketing & public relations & media partnership at the non-profit PMI German chapter. After that I was appointed to the global PMI Ethics Review Committee. Since 2003, I have been a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Germany as an examiner. I am also a university lecturer at University of Applied Sciences for different themes. I am qualified as an SAP consultant for business process and am furthering my education by studying journalism. I am a CSM and CSPO.

In the end, I have respect for all the candidates. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime to discuss your concerns, thoughts or ideas – my information is included below.