Prioritizing Product Backlog_Cohn

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London 

Wednesday, 14 November, 10.45-12.15
“Prioritizing Your Product Backlog”
Presenter: Mike Cohn, CST, Mountain Goat Software, USA

The biggest risk to most projects is building the wrong product. Regardless of how fast your agile team becomes, how brilliant your technical solutions are, or how many automated tests run continuously, nothing matters if you’re building the wrong product. In this session we look at both non-financial and financial ways of both prioritizing product backlog items and choosing among competing project ideas. Included are relative weighting, theme screening, theme scoring, Kano analysis, as well as financial measures such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and discounted cash flow. The techniques are easy, the concepts are powerful. Gain practical knowledge about how to apply these straight-forward techniques to prioritizing your product backlog.


Visibility: Everyone


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