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Core Scrum is an information resource for Scrum and Agile practitioners. Here, you will find information about Scrum roles, activities and artifacts.

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Certifications in Scrum, the leading framework for Agile software development, are on the rise.

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Transform your organization with Scrum

Turn your employees into a collaborative, productive, and successful team with the Scrum framework and certified Scrum practitioners.

4 things you need to know about Scrum

Are you thinking about starting a journey toward implementing Scrum? Are your employees and IT management talking about the benefits that could be achieved by moving toward the most popular of the Agile project management frameworks -- Scrum?

At SCRUM ALLIANCE®, we know that implementing Scrum can be a wonderful voyage of discovery – however, it's understandable to be nervous. Here we're going to try to help you decide whether Agile in general, and Scrum in particular, is a direction that you should be taking. The four key points in this article come from our recent State of Scrum report. Read the entire article.

3 ways Scrum attracts top performers

You want to attract and keep the best talent, but as the economy rebounds, that's becoming harder and harder. Your best candidates expect more than just salary and benefits. So how do you attract those top performers?

One way is to offer an environment employees enjoy, and we're not talking all play and no work. It's an environment where employees feel empowered and have control over the work they perform, as well as one that promises them the chance to have more fun. With Scrum, not only can you deliver that environment, but you don't have to be in software development to make it work. Read the entire article.

The financial benefits of Scrum

You often hear about the benefits of Scrum for teams and team members. Those benefits are real, and they can be significant. However, Scrum delivers beyond the team. It can drive tremendous financial benefits for organizations. Oddly enough, these financial benefits are rarely given much attention, even though return on investment is a big part of any organization's decision to commit time, resources, and money. So let's spend some time looking at how Scrum helps your bottom line. Read the entire article.

Is your organization ready for Scrum?

You're thinking about implementing Scrum in your organization -- but something is holding you back. After all, Scrum calls for big change, and if yours is like most organizations, big changes aren't taken lightly. With expectations high, how do you gauge your organization's appetite, readiness, and willingness for Scrum?

While there are no definitive answers, there are some signs that can indicate that Scrum may be the right path to take. In this article, we look at some of those key signs and share advice from industry experts. Read the entire article.

Top Paying Certifications for 2014 | Certified Scrum Master - $107,396

Another project management-related certification, Certified Scrum Master is focused on software (application) development.
Scrum is a rugby term; it's a means for restarting a game after a minor rules violation or after the ball is no longer in play (for example, when it goes out of bounds). In software development, Scrum is a project management process that is designed to act in a similar manner for software (application development) projects in which a customer often changes his or her mind during the development process. Read the entire article.

Who uses Scrum?

Companies of all sizes and from all different industries are realizing the value of the Scrum framework. Executives and managers from Fortune 500 organizations to small businesses use Agile practices – and most frequently Scrum frameworks – to accelerate time to market, increase productivity, and more easily manage change.

When effectively integrated into your organization, the Scrum framework guides your employees to achieve positive, long-term results. Well-run Scrums can achieve up to four times the industry average productivity rate and 12 times better quality – results dubbed the Toyota effect by Scrum founder Jeff Sutherland.
Scrum changes work – how daily activities are approached and the way you do business. As with any transformation, there will be some growing pains, but Scrum Alliance is here to support you and your organization as you move to a more Agile way of working. Through networking, effective training, and Scrum best practices, members of your team will be inspired to succeed. And they’ll have a functional and rewarding workplace where they can pursue the work they love.

Build a high-performing team

When you’re ready to achieve higher performance within your teams, Scrum Alliance can help you confidently find, train, and coach the strong employees. The people we train and certify are equipped with the most advanced Scrum knowledge and skills. Whether you’re evaluating possible candidates for an open position or looking to invest in training for team members of all levels, you can count on Scrum certifications as the key to achieving real results.