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    Welcome to the first Scrum Coaching Retreat in APAC. The word "retreat" was explicitly chosen to be different from camp, gathering, open-space, or conference. It represents a deeper and more meaningful experience of a smaller group of people. Our intent is to create a time for people to gather in a purposeful way for focused learning and growth. Our goal is smaller events with around 70 experienced Agile coaches to create focus and shared learning. Retreats should be a place to get away, think deeply, collaborate wholly, and come away with a new perspective.
    We represent the Scrum Alliance and believe that the Scrum framework is the best way to establish a goal and accomplish results. A successful retreat is based on Scrum - we form teams, create team visions, build backlogs, execute multiple sprints, review, retrospect, and adapt throughout the retreat. This provides for double learning: The team learns about primary focus of their work while inspecting/adapting to accomplish a goal; in addition, participants learn what it is like to be on a team and live Scrum in a very hyper-focused and intense way. A successful retreat will foster the formation of teams and the execution of multiple sprints for deeper learning.

    Teams are the heart of Scrum and a key differentiator in retreats. Teams allow for collaborative sharing, learning, and more impactful results. Allowing teams time to form, norm, storm, and perform provides a rich opportunity for learning about teams and learning on the subject of the team. Teams also have challenges -- team alienation, personality conflicts, leadership and role definitions, appropriate expertise, diversity, etc. Working with teams in such a short retreat format is a challenge and an opportunity. A successful retreat will leverage the pre- and post-retreat time to build relationships and lengthen the forming and norming cycle. It will also clearly articulate the team construct to participants throughout the process.
    There are many events where broad learning takes place -- conferences, gatherings, open space, coaching camps, etc. These events allow for many topics to be covered in a short time and are good for general knowledge sharing. A retreat is designed for narrow and deep focus on a few topics, possibly the same topic pursued by multiple teams from different perspectives. A successful retreat produces not only local event learning but also takeaway value, documented results, and ongoing team collaboration following the retreat.
    Most other events are short. You come, decide discussion topics, talk, and leave. A retreat is an extended learning, collaboration, and relationship-building event. A successful retreat has preparation work to focus topics and teams and prepare ideas prior to the retreat. A successful retreat has many focused working sessions during the retreat through multiple perspectives. A successful retreat has follow-through on results to carry the momentum forward into the coming year. We expect retreat organizers to help guide this.
    Shared Learning
    Most gatherings and events have localized learning in sessions with minimal or spotty write-up and documentation. A retreat is designed for multiple sessions around a single topic with both inter- and intra-team learning. A successful retreat will allow for multiple sprint cycles with some room for shared reviews, shared learning, and presentations to connect all retreat participants.

    Plus: Don’t miss the pre-retreat workshop on Dec. 3-4. See the Program tab for more details.

    If you have a question for the organizers, please use this email:
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    Date: 4-6 December, 2014
    Location: Pattaya, Pattaya Chonburi, Thailand

    Hilton Pattaya Hotel
    333/101 Moo 9
    Nong Prue,Banglamung
    Pattaya, Pattaya Chonburi 20260 Thailand
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    Early Bird (SA member) $350
    Early Bird (Non-SA member) $400
    Normal (SA member) $450
    Normal $500

  • Program
    Pre-Retreat Workshop (Dec. 3-4)
    Pete Behrens – Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop
    Max attendance: 25
    Rate: $600
    Early Bird rate until Oct 1, for first 15 registrants: $500

    What are the keys to introducing and sustaining agility within an organization? How do you guide leaders and organizations in selecting and aligning particular Agile approaches best suited for their environment? This workshop provides leaders and coaches the tools to effectively develop organizational agility within their enterprises.

    This two-day workshop focuses on three key elements of enterprise agility: organizational leadership, culture, and structures. Workshop participants will explore models and patterns of assessing, aligning, and sustaining agility in an
    enterprise context.
    • Leadership - Explore the Leadership Agility maturity model and how to guide leaders in their own personal Agile mind-set and growth.
    • Culture - Explore the Competing Values Framework (CVF) for assessing and aligning organizational culture with their desire for agility.
    • Structures - Explore organizational patterns or building blocks for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and other Agile scaling frameworks.
    This workshop is designed for experienced Agile practitioners, leaders, and coaches who understand the core principles and practices of Agile and have experience in aiding teams and organizations in applying them. This workshop will leverage three primary case studies in sustained organizational agility, for GE Healthcare,, and McKinsey & Company. In addition, participants will share and explore their Agile enterprise experiences and learning with their peers.

    Scrum Coaching Retreat Tentative Schedule (Dec. 4-6)
    Dec. 4th
    • 3 pm - Registration starts
    • 5 pm - Dinner
    • 6:30 pm - Team Formation / Topic Selection
    • 7 pm - Sprint 1 Starts
    • 9 pm - Good night!
    Dec. 5th
    • Sprints Throughout the Day for Deeper Dive
    • Evening Mixer / Social
    Dec. 6th
    • Sprints Throughout the Day for Deeper Dive
    • Open Space
    • Closing Circle

    We are also planning to have pre-Retreat Workshop(s). Stay tuned as the plan emerges!!
  • Venue
    Hilton Pattaya Hotel
    333/101 Moo 9, Nong Prue,Banglamung, 
    Pattaya Chonburi, 20260, Thailand
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