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Collaborating and Communicating Agile Requirements




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    Date: 16-18 February, 2011
    Location: Live Instructor Led Online Training, NC, United States

    Regular Price: $1,395

    In just two days, learn how to:

    • Master writing user stories
    • Appreciate how best known methods in traditional requirements processes can apply to Agile methods
    • Communicate requirements using agile techniques to bridge the customers' and developers' needs.
    • Identify stakeholders and user roles to ensure that all requirement viewpoints are elicited
    • Create and maintain a product backlog
    • Prioritize requirements so that the most important customer needs are delivered first
    • Formulate an iterative project plan with feedback cycles that keep the project on track
    • Estimate business value for requirements to track how a project contributes to the enterprise
    • Develop requirements in an iterative approach to capture the details at the appropriate time


    Gathering Requirements for an Agile Project

    Project failures are often due to poor requirements gathering, analysis and planning. Traditional requirements documents may not contain complete and accurate requirements due to rapidly changing business environments.Agile requirements gathering, by moving detailed requirements closer to implementation, allows for rapid response to change. "Collaborating & Communicating Agile Requirements" will show you how to gather and manage these requirements.

    Organizing and Managing Requirements

    Traditional requirements are documented in a requirements specification. Changes to the requirements are managed through a change process. This course will demonstrate alternative ways of documenting requirements and managing changes. These alternatives can allow for a less "heavy" process in projects that can benefit from quick changes in direction.


    For more information, please visit: http://www.aspe-sdlc.com/courses/2580/

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    Date: 16-18 February, 2011
    Location: Live Instructor Led Online Training, NC, United States

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    Live Instructor Led Online Training, NC United States
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    Regular Price: $1,395

  • Who Should Attend

    This course will be valuable to all those involved in developing technology solutions that meet business requirements and would like to do so using Agile methods. This class is for you if you are a:

    • Business Customer or Partner
    • Product Manager or Customer Representative
    • Business or Systems Analyst
    • Architect or Developer
    • QA Tester or QA Engineer
    • Project Manager or Team Leader
    • IT Manager/Director