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    Date: 1-2 July, 2014
    Location: London, --- Select A State ---, United Kingdom

    Regular Price: 895.00

    Flexible Contracts Class


    Agile Flexible Contracts provide an alternative contract model specifically designed for product and project development that needs to adapt and respond to change quickly.

    This is a one-day pragmatic workshop to get you started with building Agile Flexible Contracts

    Why Agile Flexible Contracts?

    Traditional contracts are drafted on the assumptions that the customer knows what it needs, the supplier knows how to build it, and that nothing will change before the build is complete. But neither of these assumptions is well founded. This has led to contracts that increase risk, leading to suboptimal products and a poor return on investment.

    This class gives practical guidance on how the customer can articulate clearly to the supplier what it needs, why it needs it and the value it hopes to derive from this. There will also be guidance on how the parties can anticipate and respond to change.

    We will show you how to create great contracts that will effectively support your work and deliver the right business outcomes that drive value.

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    Date: 1-2 July, 2014
    Location: London, --- Select A State ---, United Kingdom

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    Regular Price: 895.00


    What You Take Away

    • A good understanding of flexible contracts and how they differ from traditional contracts
    • How to explain to your boss and your clients that these are more effective than traditional contracts
    • How to write a Statement of Target Outcomes (STO)
    • How to create a flexible contract for your next product or project
  • Agenda

    Topics Include:


    • Why traditional contracts increase risk, waste and cost
    • How are contracts being used today for Agile and Lean – pros & cons of some of the various models

    How to Create A Flexible Contract

    • The benefits of flexible contracting and how this works
    • The main framework agreement
    • Statements of target outcomes (STOs) beneath the framework
    • Different charging models, pros, cons and recommendations

    How to Implement A Flexible Contract

    • How to create the target outcomes
    • How to track the progress of the target outcomes
    • How to deliver and manage each STO
    • How to deal with feedback and adapt accordingly
    • Different charging models
  • Who Should Attend

    Target Audience

    Customers, suppliers, anyone involved in the procurement or management of software development projects or who is in a legal role. There is no need for a legal background; just an interest in creating agile flexible contracts.