Certified Scrum Product Owner

Certified Scrum Product Owner


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    Date: 9-10 February, 2011
    Location: Des Moines, IA, United States

    Regular Price: $1,350.00

    Iterative and incremental development requires a steady stream of highest-value Agile requirements which are elaborated just-in-time and thus remain fresh and relevant. Agile software development puts both control and responsibility for success squarely in the hands of the "Product Owner". The challenge becomes how to provide the constant evaluation of value, the constant interaction with the delivery team, and the constant determination off whether requirements are, indeed, done. The best Product Owners harness the Agile feedback loops to constantly improve the value the software organization is delivering. Whether the "product" is for sale in the marketplace, for internal consumption, or custom software built on spec, the Agile product organization must be able to plan for success.

    Rally's Certified Scrum Product Owner Training is a two-day, exercise-intensive training designed to help participants.

    Attending Product Owners learn:

    Agile requirements management-modeling, user stories, acceptance criteria, just-in-time elaboration, ranking backlog items
    Agile planning-visioning, road-mapping, release planning, iteration planning

    The Agile product organization-how to organize to support the flow that delivers value iteratively and incrementally, whether you need to support one Agile team, or an entire program or enterprise

    **Rally Software is a REP, this course will result in 14 Category 3 PDU's from the PMI**

    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO course are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers.

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    Date: 9-10 February, 2011
    Location: Des Moines, IA, United States

    CDD Global
    1901 Bell Avenue
    Training Suite
    Des Moines, IA 50315 United States
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    Regular Price: $1,350.00

  • Agenda

    • Why should a Product Owner adopt Agile?
    • What are the Agile Product Owner responsibilities?
    • How do Product Owners plan continuously?
    • Vision/Charter
    • Product Roadmap
    • Product Backlog
    • Release Planning
    • Iteration Planning
    • How does a product group organize to fulfill its roles and responsibilities?
    • How do Product Owners manage the product backlog effectively?
    • User Stories
    • Prioritization
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • How do we inspect and adapt our role?