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    Date: 23-24 August, 2014
    Location: Testcity, ON, Canada

    Regular Price: 1695

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    Too many products fail because of poor direction and goals—
    learn how to avoid being another statistic.
    Weak Product Ownership is the leading cause of failure I see with Scrum Teams. The Agile Pain Relief Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course will give you the tools to improve the odds for your Team and have fun while doing it.

    In an Agile organization the Product Owner holds a key role in determining which features are added to products and the order and priority of feature development.

    Using Scrum and Agile planning tools, the Product Owner works with their Scrum team to lead the development process by creating and managing an efficient backlog, managing product scope, working with stakeholders, estimating budgets and release dates, and tracking team progress to deliver better quality products on time.

    This 2-day Certified Scrum Product Owner training course led by Certified Scrum Trainer Mark Levison provides the tools for success with a blend of direct instruction, interactive group work, and practical exercises to gain skills, techniques, and experience in the Product Owner role.

    Upon successful completion of the Certified Scrum Product Owner course, participants receive Scrum Product Owner Certification and membership to the Scrum Alliance.

    • 50% of Product Features are Never Used
      Learn how not be to part of that statistic and build products more efficiently
    • No PowerPoint (or KeyNote)
      We spend two days in interactive and workshop using practical exercises and your Vision to build your Product Backlog. You will learn how your Scrum would work to build the product you see.
    • Limited to 20 attendees Tired of being one of 40 people in room? Can’t see the slides? Can’t hear the instructor? Agile Pain Relief keep class sizes small for direct instruction, instructors available for your questions, and a focus on every student.
    • Focused on Your Needs This course is built on Agile principles and you play the role of the Product Owner to decide what material we cover to meet your needs.
    Learning Objectives
    • Create a Vision that can focus and drive your team
    • Establish Persona’s that help your team focus on building a Product for the right People
    • Discover what is wrong with a flat Product Backlog
    • Build a Story Map
    • Understand the mechanics and execution of Scrum
    • Create User Stories in collaboration with the Team
    • Understand the importance of Ongoing Backlog Refinement
    • Identify the difference between a good and bad User Story (the words themselves aren’t what matter most)
    • Use Story Splitting as one technique to deal with Large User Stories
    • Evaluate how your Dev Team are estimating
    • Examine tradeoffs between different prioritization approaches

    The Agile Pain Relief Advantage
    Small Class-size in Your City

    Agile Pain Relief limits classes to a maximum of 20 students to ensure a quality learning environment with more opportunities to address your questions and concerns. Local training classes mean you meet and network with other professionals near you. On-site, private training also available.

    In-person and Interactive

    Direct learning tailored to each class and student. No canned PowerPoint presentations or webinars. Live instruction from Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) and group exercises modelled on Agile methods.

    Hands-on Applications of Scrum Methods with Agile Theory

    Practical examples and exercises use Scrum and Agile principles teach you how to adapt and practice Agile methods in your projects.

    Online Course Materials and Support

    Course attendees receive electronic copies of all seminar materials (including free updates to course materials as they become available) and exclusive access to Mark through Agile Pain Relief's LinkedIn group.

    "The best two days of training I ever had." —Sridhar
    "A perfect insight into the Agile world." —Smita
    "Great actionable content." —Jason
    Very personable and great delivery."
    "Wonderful course.
    Delivering both 'How to do it' and 'Why it works' in a fun and enlightened way."
    "I really enjoyed the course and I know that I can start using this new knowledge immediately in my work" —Francois

    Cancellation and Refunds
    Full refund issued up to 10 days prior to course start date; credit towards future course for cancellations less than 10 days before course start date.

    Though each CSPO course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses focus on Scrum from a product owner's perspective. Graduates will receive the CSPO designation. All CSPO course are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers.

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    Date: 23-24 August, 2014
    Location: Testcity, ON, Canada

    123 Test St
    Testcity, ON K1B 2R2 Canada
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    Regular Price: 1695

  • Agenda

    Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Workshop Agenda:

    Day 1

    1. Self-Organizing Teams Exercise

    2. Walk through Agenda on Task wall 

    3. Opening

    4. Scrum Overview

    5. Introduce Website exercise and form teams

    6. Writing User Stories Exercise

    7. Estimation and Release Planning

    8. End of Day Review

    9. Retrospective

    Day 2:

    1. What did you learn yesterday

    2. Sprint Planning

    4. In-Depth Simulation Exercise 

    5. Sprint Review 

    6. Definition of Done

    7. Sprint Retrospective

    8. The Team Member Role and Teamwork

    9. The ScrumMaster Role

    10. Foundations of Agile

    11. Engineering practices

    12. In Class Test

    13. Resources

    14. Feedback forms