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    Date: 16-17 September, 2013
    Location: Anaheim, CA, United States

    Regular Price: $1150.00

    1. The course is taught interactively. No death by PowerPoint. Students will learn hands-on via teams, a half day Scrum simulation, discussions, numerous exercises and fun. Results: 99% of my students pass the exam, and class feedback has been more than 9.5.
    2. Experience. Are you a fulltime employee who is or will be a ScrumMaster? Learn from someone who's been there. Review my LinkedIn experience. I have 3 years experience as a fulltime ScrumMaster, and another 3 coaching at two of the best agile coaching organizations in the nation, Rally and BigVisible.
    3. I'm local and I'm here for the students. If you need help, or have a question, I respond.

    If you're starting out or having challenges along the way, and believe in starting with people, or even if you just need a little inspiration, then this is the class for you.

    This two-day ScrumMaster certification course provides everything you need to get started with Scrum . The largest and fastest-growing Agile project management methodology, Scrum is a simple framework that has a small set of interrelated practices and rules, is not overly prescriptive and enables more effective teams almost immediately.

    This course shares industry-tested practices for evolving Product Backlogs, planning your Releases and Sprints, tracking and reporting progress, and developing continuous improvement cycles. Participants will learn how to effectively plan and run daily Scrum Meetings, Sprint Planning Meetings, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, and more.
    Upon completion of the course and a post-course online evaluation, participants are registered as Certified ScrumMasters (CSMs). Registration includes a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, (www.scrumalliance.org) where valuable ScrumMaster material and information are available.
    Learn about servant leadership from someone that models servant leadership. Besides Scrum education, this course has a bigger purpose of changing the world, and connecting and inspiring others to do the same. We believe in success AND significance. 10% of class proceeds will be donated to a charity highlighted during the class. We've given over $20,000 to help people via Kiva, World Vision, One Generation Alliance, and Kirabo for kids and orphans in Mexico and Uganda. Not bad for learning and getting certified in the class, to boot.

    As your instructor, I came from a developer background (MCSD and architect), as well as a project manager and manager. My passion for agile and the local community lead me to begin blogging over 9 years ago, found the Orange County Agile Leadership Network 5 years ago and become the first Certified Scrum Trainer in the LA and Orange County area. I've spoken at code camps, PMI meetings, as well as the national Scrum Gathering and Agile 2011 conferences, and will speak at Agile 2013. I've worked alongside over two dozen of the worlds best agile coaches while at Forrester-recognized agile companies Rally Software and BigVisible. Before agile, I held positions of manager, project manager, architect and developer. I've been a consultant as well as internal IT, worked with start-ups and Fortune 500. I was a ScrumMaster for several companies. I've seen a lot, and can give you real stories and examples beyond just the theory. Also, as a local trainer with a large network, you'll have post-class support and follow-up to ensure you succeed. My purpose is to have as many people as possible hear about Scrum and its benefits, and to help them, their team and their company take their next step in personal and professional growth. Along those lines, we've come to value democratizing access to our workshops over maximizing profit, and creating space for availability and developing community over travelling to pursue additional revenue.

    And be sure to check out our promotions for the free iPad Mini on the registration page!

    For private certified, agile introduction, or team building workshops for 6 or more participants, please contact me.

    "Great course to take me from very basic Scrum knowledge to confidence that I can implement on my own."

    This course is 15 Category 3 PDU's


    All CSM courses are taught by Certified Scrum Trainers. Taking a CSM course, passing the CSM test, and accepting the license agreement designates you as a Certified ScrumMaster, which indicates that you have been introduced to and understand the basic concepts you need to perform as a ScrumMaster or team member on a Scrum team. This course also satisfies two elements of the CSD track: Scrum Introduction and Elective.

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    Date: 16-17 September, 2013
    Location: Anaheim, CA, United States

    Embassy Suites Anaheim
    3100 E Frontera St,
    Anaheim, CA 92612 United States

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    Regular Price: $1150.00

  • Agenda


    Agile & Scrum Overview

    Agile Umbrella

    Agile Manifesto

    Scrum Values

    Incremental & Iterative Development

    The Scrum Framework

    Scrum Roles

    The Ball Point Game

    Spinning Up New Teams

    Product Backlog

    User Stories

    Sizing & Estimating

    Fixed Scope vs Resources & Date

    Giftcard if You Tell Me You Read This

    Relative vs. Absolute Estimation

    Definition of Done

    Planning Poker

    Release Planning

    Grooming Meetings

    Sprint Planning Meetings

    Inside the Sprint

    Task Boards and Burndowns


    Daily Stand-ups

    Sprint Review & Retrospective Meetings

    The Product Owner

    The ScrumMaster - Servant Leader, Impediment Remover, Coach, Educator, and Organizational Change Agent

    Distributed Teams

    Warning Signs