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Certified ScrumMaster® Adam Weisbart Phoenix, AZ 85040 18-19 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster® Nigel Baker Dublin, 18-19 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster Aaron Sanders New York, NY 10013 18-19 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster® Mike Cohn Denver, CO 80202 19-20 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster® Dan Rawsthorne PhD PMP, 3Back Scrum Management Consulting Chicago, IL 60631 19-20 February, 2014
Certified Scrum Product Owner® Bob Sarni, Big Visible Boston, MA 02111 19-20 February, 2014
Certified Scrum Product Owner® Daniel Teng, Odd-e Pte Ltd SHANGHAI, Shanghai 20004 19-21 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster Kane Mar Sydney, NSW 2000 19-20 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster Luke Walter, Collabnet Inc Boston, MA 02110 19-20 February, 2014
Extended Education - Agile Certified Practitioner Prep Angela Johnson Minneapolis, MN 55435 19-21 February, 2014
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