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Certified ScrumMaster Jesse Fewell PMP Washington, DC 20005 16-17 December, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Peter Stevens Lausanne, 1015 7-8 October, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Satisha Venkataramaiah New Delhi, Delhi 110048 5-6 October, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Sergey Dmitriev, agile42 Moscow, 23-24 October, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster® Sergey Dmitriev, agile42 Saint Petersburg, 3-5 February, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster® The Braintrust Consulting Group , Tom Mellor Germantown, TN 38138 13-14 May, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster® Scott Dunn PMP Anaheim, CA 92806 21-22 November, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Jens Ostergaard København, 21-22 October, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Martine Devos London, EC1V 7DP 20-21 January, 2014
Certified ScrumMaster Martine Devos London, EC1V 7DP 10-11 February, 2014
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