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Certified ScrumMaster® Martine Devos London, EC4A 2AB 9-10 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster® Petra Skapa Paris, No Discount 75008 9-10 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Jim York Arlington, VA 22202 9-10 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster Mike Beedle Lincolnshire, IL 60069 9-10 September, 2013
Certified Scrum Product Owner® Jeff McKenna Redwood city, CA 94063 9-10 September, 2013
Extended Education - Agile Software Engineering for CSD improuv GmbH , Christoph Mathis Munich, 81541 9-11 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster® RADTAC , Peter Measey Birmingham, B4 6AT 9-10 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster® Kurt Nielsen Vejle, No Discount 7100 9-10 September, 2013
Certified ScrumDeveloper Track - Certified Scrum Developer Essentials Training Week To Be Agile San Diego, CA 92101 9-13 September, 2013
Certified ScrumMaster® Bob Sarni, Big Visible St Louis, MO 63101 9-10 September, 2013
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