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Mike Cohn

Participating in agile projects since 1995, Mike Cohn is an agile trainer, consultant and author of Succeeding with Agile, Agile Estimating and Planning and User Stories Applied.

Latest Post

Scrum & XP: Better Together

Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) are two agile processes that work well in tandem. In fact, if you walked in on a team doing one of these processes you might have hard time quickly deciding whether you had...

Steve Denning

Steve Denning works with international organizations on leadership, innovation, business narrative, and radical management.

Latest Post

The Radical Management Book Club Part 4: Dynamic Linking

The Radical Management Book Club Part 4: Dynamic LinkingI’ve been participating in a multi-week series of online discussions, hosted by IBM, entitled the Radical Management Book Club. These were my ope...

Michele Sliger

A self-described “bridge builder,” Michele has spent the last 15 years helping those in traditional software development environments cross the bridge to agility.

Latest Post

ScrumMasters, Don't Touch That Task Board!

The task board belongs to the team, not the ScrumMaster. The minute you start moving items around you take ownership away from the development team.