Vishal Sangal


Program Manager, Cisco Systems

Location: Milpitas


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Work experience

Cisco Systems [ Program Manager ], Product Owner/Program Manager - Agile Tool
May 2011 - Present, Milpitas, CA, United States
In this position I wear multiple hats, I am a member of Cisco core agile team who helps entire Cisco community in their need for transitioning, continues learning, continues support and implementing Cisco Standard Agile Process. One of my roles is to analyze and evaluate agile tools available in the market. The other role is to organize training on agile tool and help them mature their agile concepts while connecting them to agile tool. I also run biweekly meeting with other business unit SMEs (System Matter Experts) to understand their need for a tool and discuss the possible enhancement request on existing agile tool (Rally). I also work very closely with Rally (Agile tool) product owner, by meeting them biweekly and through their monthly customer council meeting and help them define enhancement priority which benefit whole Agile-Rally community. In an agile environment, I also play a Product Owner role where we are developing a connector between Rally (Agile Tool) and CDETS (Home grown defect management system).

Cisco Systems [XMP team], Scrum Master
March 2010 - May 2011, San Jose, CA, United States
The project was very complex with various components/artifacts and teams distributed across the world. We were running 6 scrums and Scrum of Scrum. My role was to be a scrum master of one of the scrum and host sos (scrum of scrum) daily and update the wiki with action items and follow up on those action items. I was also part of integration team and implemented continuos integrations, where builds were running on hudson server every time code is checked in. We used Agile tool Rally heavily for our development process and matured our team velocity as we move forward. As part of Scrum Masters role I also organized retrospective, which turns out to be very effective in determining what need to change for developers to achieve break point.

Cisco Systems [NCCM product], Agile Practitioner/Scrum Developer
August 2009 - March 2010, San Jose, CA, United States
This was the starting point for my journey towards Agile. As a pioneer of Agile in this group I started the transformation from waterfall process to Agile process. Not much of the documentation was in hand at that time but were able to influence the team and the management to adopt the process. We went through lot of trail and error situations but finally were able to mature it to our level of delivery. I worked as a practitioner and helping hand to product owner and other team members.