Vanda Ladeira


Scrum Master/Business Analyst, Houses of Parliament

Location: London


Certified ScrumMaster


Work as a Strategy Officer at the Houses of Parliament - Office of the Chief Executive. My function supports the development of the House Service’s strategy and monitors
the achievement of that strategy through the House-wide performance system. Key publications include the Corporate Business Plan, Commission Annual Report and the Management Board’s performance report.

I joined The House of Lords Computer Office team as a Business Systems Consultant in March 2005. Earlier experience includes working within the banking and insurance industries. Previously I worked for General Electric doing IT development and business and systems analysis, progressing to manage small projects, leading teams , vendor management and providing training/coaching when required.

While working for BCP, a major international bank operating across 20 different countries, I was asked to take charge for implementing the initial IT systems for a new division in Mozambique. While there, I started my own business - a design studio working in partnership with South African businesses.

I did 15 years of voluntary work for a UN and UNICEF recognised NGO. Participated in International conferences and seminars as translator and facilitator of workshops in the areas of education, women, children and arts.

I am passionate about learning new tools, technologies and trends to improve efficiency and the quality of communication in and outside the organisation. I would like to further my studies with a research degree in the areas of change management /psychology / creative thinking.