Tom Myatt


IT Specialist, Community Living BC

Location: Vancouver


Certified ScrumMaster


Thomas Myatt, born in Rhodesia in September 1966. Educated at Grenville College, Bideford, United Kingdom and South Devon Technical College.


Results driven professional with the ability to apply processes to achieve goals in many aspects of IT and Information Systems. Proven track record in the complete development life cycle for system enhancements/customization through to implementation and training delivery. Extensive experience working within the Government arena, specifically within social care departments and agencies.


[Areas of Experience]

Business requirement gathering, analysis and translation between IT and business.
System customization [User Defined Form] PARIS

DW report requirement analysis and design.

System User Guidance Creation
System Training Documentation
System Technical Documentation

Information Security Policy and Procedures
Organizing Infosec
Asset Management
Communication and Ops Management
Physical and Eviron. Security
HR Security
Systems Acquisition and Maintenance
Access Control
IS Incident Management

[PARIS [In4tek] Client Management System]

I have in excess now of 8 years experience with the implementation, customization and support of the PARIS system. I have worked with this system in both the United Kingdom and Canada. I have an excellent knowledge of all modules, including those specific to the UK.


2006 -  Current              Community Living British Columbia - Vancouver                        

IT Specialist – Current Role

Director of Knowledge Management and Technology – (PARIS)- Previous Role

§   Key role in the application development of the Service Delivery Management System (PARIS).

 Initial functional analysis, prototype development and strategic recommendations.

·       Lead on specification analysis for PARIS UDF development and Reporting requirements.

1998 -  2006              Torbay Council – Social Services                        

Performance Management Information Systems Manager

§   Key role in the application development of the Social Services Information Management Database.

This is the implementation of the Directorate’s information management system. Initial systems analysis, application development and data migration into new systems.

§   Reviewing current working procedures to best-fit new system.

Continual review of system processes and procedures to identify gaps in procedures leading to poor performance.

§   Conduct feasibility studies.

Manage studies to determine process-engineering rewards.

§   Liaison point between Social Service staff and corporate IT services.

Key communications and liaison officer between stakeholder groups.

§   Creation of new training and reference manuals for new system.

System application development, training end user input.

§   Co ordinate Systems Support Team in all support issues relating to new system.

§   Creation of reports to feed Quality Protects Performance Indicators

§   Creation of Multi-Agency Referral and Framework for Assessment Forms (Information for Social Care)

§   Management of temporary staff for all backlogs input and further projects on-going.

§   Investigation and subsequent application development for business system requirements.

§   Member of Project Implementation Group / Public Information on the Net

§   Input into e-Government strategy.

§   Lead Manager for Information Governance Initiative

§   Member of National Social Care Information Governance Reference Group

i)           Information Security                   

ii)             Freedom of Information                        

iii)            Data Protection                                   

iv)           Records Management Strategy

v)            Information Sharing

vi)           Systems Management

vii)          Risk Management

n  Systems Application Development Manager for PARIS (In4tek) - New Care Management System for the Authority

n  Developed applications with Education Services to build an information sharing environment to support the future Children’s Trust.


1993–1998        Devon Social Services                                                 

Information Systems Strategy Assistant

n  Assisted in formulation of IS Strategy.

n  Key contact for Internet Users.

n  Initiated and finalised a complete IT inventory.

n  Application Development of key desktop database solutions.

n  Budget monitoring for IT Hardware.

Systems Support Officer

n  First line liaison between users and corporate IT.

n  Application Development and support of the Directorate's Key Desktop Databases.

n  Systems Administrator for Directorate's Mainframe Users.

n  Monitored all local desktop systems to ensure data protection and Y2K compliance.

n  Distribution Officer for Departmental Policy and Procedures.

1992–1993        British Telecom Plc                                                     

 Engineer Customer Focus

n  Instigated and ran the Engineer to Customer Selling Incentive Scheme.

n  Production of Management Reports.

n  Presentation of findings to Senior Management

1986–1992        HM Armed Forces (ARMY)                                          

COFFER Operator – Computerized Office for Field Forces Enquiries and Records –

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

n  Computerised Stocktaking and Reconciliation Processes.

n  Active Service – Northern Ireland.

n  Active Service – Operation Granby - Liberation of Kuwait. [Desert Storm]




Higher National Certificate in Business and Finance                2 Year Course

(Exeter Business School)

The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business and Finance is equivalent to level one of the degree course.



Information Technology


Quantitative Techniques

Accountancy and Costing           

Personnel Management



Professional Diploma in Management (Chartered Institute of Management)  2 Year Course

(Exeter Business School)

The programme is designed for practising managers who wish to update and extend their knowledge of current management theory and obtain a formal management qualification. The successful completion of the DMS leads to entry to the second year of the MBA and provides entry to the MA Management programme.



Operations Management

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Project Management


Previous Responsibilities

Primary School Governor (Elected Parent Governor) - Curledge Street Primary School

Duties:  Finance Committee

Grants and Funding Governor



Community Living British Columbia

Currently responsible for the on going development of a unique suite of modules, implemented across the province through PARIS to support CLBC in our delivery of supports to the citizens of British Columbia.


Torbay Social Services Child Protection Database

I was the lead application developer in the successful preparation and launch of the child protection system. This entailed process design, application development, data verification and migration.


Children In Need Census

I was the lead application developer for the completion of the Children in Need census that reports to the Department of Health. This involved the database set-up, questionnaire distribution and collection, data input verification and subsequent delivery of performance statistics.


Performance Management Database

I had the lead in the creation of the Directorate’s Integrated Performance Measurement System. This entailed the creation of a database to bring together various database sources in order to link performance indicators to corporate objectives. This includes the creation of performance charts used by Senior Management for strategic decision-making.


Business Process Re-engineering

I was the lead for all procedural process changes within Children’s Services. This entails me in translating policy and legislation into working practices for both practitioner and administration staff. I have done this successfully for the Children Looked After, Child Protection, Leaving Care and Children with Disabilities teams.



I was Torbay Council’s representative for the National Social Care Information Governance Reference Group. Within this I have played an active role in the adaptation of the National Health Service Toolkit into a Social Care Toolkit. From this I have recently completed the creation of the Directorate’s Draft Information Governance Policies.


My Commitment


I am committed to working for the community, within an organisation that values its core objectives. I am a people person and strive to learn from those more experienced, within the diversity of my working environment.

I believe in being smart and punctual in the presentation of my work and myself.


The experience I have gained throughout my professional working life has given me opportunities to help those less fortunate than myself, this I wish to continue to do.


I understand there very well may be learning curves involved with our plans to emigrate, but I look forward to these challenges.


I understand the importance and difficulties of bringing together a seamless network of care from a systems perspective and the challenge of information sharing protocols.


I believe that I can become a valued part of any organisation and by doing so will help to deliver a sustainable future to a strategic, community oriented organisation.