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Senior Partner, Qualsys Solution

Location: Chattanooga, TN


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Certified ScrumMaster®
29-30 April, 2014
Location: Nashville, TN, United States


Timothy Korson is a Scrum trainer and coach. He has had many years of substantial experience working on a large variety of systems developed using modern agile techniques. This experience includes distributed, real time, embedded systems as well as business information systems in an n-tier, client-server environment. Dr. Korson’s current focus is on helping organizations implement high value products using Scrum.


As a leader in the field of agile software development, Tim has authored articles, given numerous tutorials on agile techniques, and worked with numerous organizations transitioning to Scrum.


Although Tim holds a Ph.D. in business information systems as well as undergraduate degrees in math and computer science, his focus and experience is practical, not academic. His interests, education, and practical corporate experience have always spanned both technology and business perspectives. This focus on the application of technology to solve business problems is a perfect fit to his current role as Scrum trainer and coach. Tim’s sub-specialty is on working with testers in helping them to transition to their new roles as effective Scrum team members.


Tim is a frequent invited lecturer at major international conferences. The lectures and training classes he presents are highly rated by the attendees.


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QualSys Solutions, Founder
October 2001 - Present, Collegedale, TN, United States
Scrum Trainer and Coach

Articles I've written

Dancing with Pigs
Dancing with Pigs [1] There are many ways to choreograph the activities within a sprint, but all of them involve intricate, dance like, interactions among testers [2], product owners, other team members and stakeholders. Becoming good at agile de...

The Role of the Product Owner in Moving a Backlog Item to Done (or, It's Not Over Until the Fat Lad
Abstract: This article explores how to achieve the productivity benefits of an up-front enabling specification, given the reality that Scrum is an empirical framework in which emergent understanding of the story under development is inherent. I l...

Too Many Individuals and Interactions
Six members of a development team I was working with were discussing pair programming and debating whether it was right for them. My advice to the team was in line with my general philosophy about new ideas: One learns more by doing then by talking. So I suggested that we try it for a few sprints, and then review our experience. . . .