Todd Holden


Scrum Master (Product Services), TN Department of Transportation

Location: Nashville, TN


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner

Groups I belong to

Nashville Agile User Group


My name is Todd Holden.

Long time IT professional with background in testing, business analysis, process definition and technical team leadership who participated in perhaps one too many "death march" projects and watched folks scratching their heads and wondering why things fell short of customer expectations or fell apart altogether and left team repeating the same approach again (and see the same results) or companies pointing fingers based on change or the unknown complexities of a business or just shifting business value.

Never being one who wants to remain in a constant state of professionla pain, I actively sought a better way to work and happened upon the Agile manifesto (as I had followed a lot of Brian Marick's work as a test automation engineer and several of the other adopters as I was always interested in value driven approaches). This lead me to exploration of scrum as a framework and once I read the agile manifesto and then the scrum framework, I was hooked! I became the local scrum evangelist within my company! ;)

Always strive to extend myself to learn new things, grow new skills and embrace the "inspection, adjustment and adaptation" concept as it applies to not only how I work with teams and but the value I can provide to organizations and teams.

My favorite quote is from Einstein: "Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results".

I believe that conversation coupled with focus on value as a driving factor combined with a trust in smart teams inspired to do great things can lead to amazing outcomes. I personally strive to be involved in these sorts of teams.