Sarah Wiezel


Business Analyst, nliven systems

Location: San Diego, CA


Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster


Sarah Wiezel- I have five years of software development and data analysis/decision support experience as an analyst, and more recently, as a Scrum Product Owner. I have been interested in agile software development methodologies in college at SDSU while working on my Business Information Systems degree and learning about the benefits of agile vs waterfall in software environments. I spent 2.5 years working in healthcare analytics and software development at Carefusion before moving to nliven systems, where I have been both a Business Analyst and a Product Owner, and soon plan to take on my first Scrum Master role. 


I was born and raised in San Diego and I enjoy playing video games and voice acting in my free time.

Work experience

nliven systems, Team Member and Product Owner
June 2011 - Present, San Diego, CA, United States
Gathered and documented requirements for Android, iOS, and .NET application projects for the commercial marketplace as well as military health and family programs. Wrote and maintained quality assurance plans, project plans, use cases, and business proposals. One of the creators of Betty®, an in-home care data management portal and tablet application system. • Promoted from Business Analyst to Scrum Product Owner after six months of work on Betty®, with new responsibilities including maintaining a prioritized backlog of development work and features, direct accountability for software releases, and approving all new development and design work. • Responsible for requirements and quality testing on a mobile website project for the Army with an extremely short deadline, resulting in a fully functional mobile website finished and released in less than 45 days. • Crafted design requirements for enhancements to the ARMYBook Army social networking site resulting in an on-time and on-budget delivery with a 400% increase in site traffic in the first month after release.

CareFusion, Team Member
July 2008 - January 2011, San Diego, CA, United States
Participated in development, testing, product launch, and enhancements of CareFusion’s analytics product lines for the Alaris® infusion device and Pyxis® Medstation® system. Conducted detailed statistical analysis on infusion medication and medical supply data to improve nursing and pharmacy workflow, reduce medication errors, and improve hospital job satisfaction. Served as analytics account manager for a 24-hospital Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) system and provided reports, training, custom data analysis, and product support. Team member on an Agile Scrum team. • Presented medical device data and gave software training via WebEx to upper management and C-level executives at over 50 hospitals nationwide. • Conducted focus groups, gathered requirements, and wrote technical specifications for a reporting enhancement to an existing web application to grant hospitals access to previously unavailable patient and clinician data. This resulted in improved customer satisfaction and doubled the amount of web traffic to the application six months after release. • Audited processes and documents for analytics products continuously over two years to save the department an estimated average of $36,000 each year and reduced product defect rates by 97%.